Hybrid Flower - Brandy Kraft - Contemporary Realist Art
Contemporary Realist Art

Brandy Kraft

Hybrid Flower

Kraft is currently focused on the subject of florals which she uses to highlight the destruction of the natural world. In her subversive, photo-realistic series of oil paintings Kraft creates a new world of her own while drawing upon art historical and scientific references.

The series, rooted in the tradition of Dutch floral still life painting, is further inspired by systematic and scientific documentation, specifically the naming system put into place by Carl von Linné.

Kraftia eustolipa, Hybrid No. 20

89 x 116 cm oil on canvas 2019

Leucothurmeria acanthostull, Hybrid No. 21

60 x 80 cm oil on canvas 2019

Orchilaurus upsaliensis, Hybrid No. 22

80 x 100cm oil on canvas 2019

Kraftia didymum, Hybrids No. 23

100 x 120 cm oil on canvas 2019

Eugenia begoniscus, Hybrid No. 24

80 x 100cm oil on canvas 2019

Orcheastrum cultriformis, Hybrid No. 25

80 x 100cm oil on canvas 2019

Clematithurium Orchidaceae, Hybrid No. 19

oil on canvas 100 x 100cm

Lilium Asteraceae, Hybrid No. 12

24” x 24” Oil on canvas 2018

Hybrid No 7

12" x 12" Oil on panel 2017

Hybrid No. 1

18" x 24" Oil on panel 2016