Artist Statement-

Mankind is destroying the planet. This destruction has made me fascinated with preserving nature. I started with painting flowers- thousands of flowers in all states of life and decay. I wanted to preserve their beauty and prevent their extinction.

Then suddenly in my dreams and in my subconscious I started having visions of new flowers. Non-existent flowers. I started painting these strange new hybrids and realized I was creating not only new species of flora but I was building a new world of my own. Flower by flower, petal by petal.

Equally inspired by the nature of Sweden and one of its most famous scientists, I left life in New York City to move back to Sweden. Now I follow in the footsteps of Carl von Linné by naming and ocially documenting each new hybrid flower species I create.

I am building a new, magical hybrid world and this is just the beginning…

Artist Bio

Brandy Kraft (b.1984) is from south Florida and currently works in Stockholm, Sweden. Kraft is an artist focused mainly on the subject of florals- inventing species of her own. Currently her work is focused on a painting series which brings new, imagined species of flora into the real world. Her creations are further anchored into reality via scientific style documentation- each being assigned new, invented binomial nomenclature. Kraft’s technically realistic style combines with imaginative vision to create works that are intriguing and relevant today. Her work touches on themes of climate change, fake reality vs. reality, diversity and is ultimately a celebration of nature.